Why Help-Now?

“Help-Now stands for quality, first class customer service, and state of the art technology. I use this technology for my family; I know it will work for yours.” –Todd Mitchell, Owner of Help-Now

Help-Now offers the highest level of technology available today with 24/7 call monitoring, local technical support and personal customer service. Medical alarm systems are ordered online or through a toll-free number with no high-pressure sales. All billing for activation and monthly monitoring can be done electronically, allowing Help-Now to provide the latest hardware technology and a high level of service while keeping system and monitoring costs down.

Easy to use

Help-Now’s medical alarm system is easy to use and dependable, right out of the box. Our units come pre-programmed with your information and do not require installation at your home by a technician. The system is ready to use when it arrives and is activated in the home with three very simple steps.

Waterproof pendant

Help-Now’s small, lightweight alert button is easy to use, and is monitored 24 hours a day. The alert buttons for elderly can be worn as a necklace or on your waistband.

Extended range protection

Every system has the ability to protect subscribers within the Telus Cellular Network area. This means protection throughout the home, and into the yard and garden and almost anywhere in Canada.

Battery back up

The systems’s built-in battery will protect you for up to 36 hours. The monitoring centre is automatically notified of the power failure, and will take appropriate action.

What Help-Now won’t  do

  • We don’t send high-pressure sales people to your home.
  • We don’t require long contracts or agreements.
  • We don’t offer “hardwired” systems that you can’t take with you if you move.
  • We don’t harass you with repeated “follow-up” telemarketing calls.
  • We don’t require credit checks.

We don’t charge early termination or cancellation fees.