Turning On and Off

To turn Libris on

Placing Libris into the Charger will turn it on automatically. Start-up audio prompts are silenced while this function is carried out in the Charger.

Note: When you first receive Libris, leave it in the Charger for 4 hours.

Alternatively, you may turn the device on without the charger by pressing the Call Button and holding it until the Battery Indicator flashes. Libris will play music while it starts up. Once con-nected, Libris will play a message: "Your personal mobile responder is ready."


Libris Power on Sequence

When the Libris powers on it will go through the following behavior:

Step 1: Flashing the battery led indicator (center button) with different colors accompanied by a chiming sound
Step 2: Battery led indicator then turns solid red for few seconds
Step 3: Cell and battery led indicators then turn solid reflecting the current cell signal strength and battery level

In some cases, such as when there is a poor network connection or when the Libris has very low battery, Libris will repeat steps 1 and 2 as it tries to find a cellular network and/or enough battery to power on. Leaving Libris in the charger or moving Libris to a location with better cellular service will help Libris power on.

To turn Libris off

Warning: This will disable the communication between your emergency monitoring
service and your Libris device. It is recommended to leave your Libris on at all times,
unless instructed otherwise by your monitoring service provider for troubleshooting.

Press the Call Button twice, holding down the second press for 7 seconds until Libris plays a message announcing that you have requested to turn it off. It will ask you to confirm by pressing the Call Button one more time. If done correctly, Libris will play the following message: "Powering off now. Good bye."