Wearing GPS3G

ibris can be worn on a belt using the Belt Clip, or as a pendant around your neck using the Lanyard/Clip. If worn with the Lanyard, Libris should be worn under clothing to prevent excess movement of the device.

Important: Libris requires a vertical position with the Call Button facing away from the body to operate properly.

Attaching Belt Clip or Lanyard/Clip

  1. Align the notched side of the Clip with the notched area on the back.
  2. Press inward until the Clip notches are nested within the Libris notches.
  3. Firmly push the Clip toward the top of the device.

It is secure when you hear a click or you can no longer see the notches on the Clip.


Removing the Clip

  1. Hold Libris in your hand as shown, with the Call Button facing
  2. the palm of your hand.
  3. Forcefully push downward on the Clip with your thumb.