Miniature fall detector with smart cradle

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The Help-Now Smart Cradle and miniature fall detector creates a more comfortable solution at home. Clients simply charge the GPS3G on the smart charger which is connected to a long range, light weight, 5 year battery, waterproof, fall detector when they are at home. The smart cradle operates as a hub for the at home personal safety wearables. GPS3G users can now choose to wear lightweight, small accessory safety wearable buttons at home and while sleeping, when the GPS3G is charging in its cradle. Wearable help buttons provide 24/7 safety at home when in the 300 ft range from the Smart Cradle. Wearables connect with GPS3G in its cradle when the emergency button is pressed or a fall is detected. The convenient wearable personal safety buttons provide an option for increased safety during the night and when he GPS3G is docked in the Smart Cradle. The GPS3G with Smart Cradle provides the best solution for both home and on-the-go personal safety needs: Users can leave the GPS3Gin its cradle while at-home and use a miniature wearable. Users can take the GPS3G with them (now always fully charged) for day trips and outings away from home. While on-the-move, the GPS3G provides a completely mobile personal safety experience.